VMS Welcomes Spiritually Speaking and Faith Forum

Those who receive the print edition of the Times Colonist may have noticed the Faith Forum column in the Saturday edition. If you read it online, you may have come across the blog, Spiritually Speaking, found in the right-hand column on the front page of the online paper. Every article that appears in print also appears on the blog, along with extra articles that are published online each week.

We are pleased to announce that, at the request of their moderator, Anna Bowness-Park, these two impressive, well-managed media platforms have now been brought under the wing of the VMS as an activity of this society.

The story of it’s evolution from an idea and a small group of writers can be found here.

Today Spiritually Speaking has 24 writers from different faiths in Victoria and a strong readership base, thanks to Anna’s dedicated work. It is also the only model of its kind in North America, offering readers a fresh way to consider the issues of the day in a spiritual context.