Anti-Racism Toolkit page with information & download links

Healing the planet through global collaboration: an Open Letter (Video Script)

Compilations of Universal Spiritual Principles

Booklet: 200 Themed Interfaith Quotations, by Paul McKenna

Printable Brochure:  Universal Virtues 2pg 8.5×14 folded

Printable Handout:   Shared Principles

Recommended Books on Spiritual Principles & Global Ethics:

Parliament of the World’s Religions: Towards a Global Ethic Summary / Full text


World Interfaith Harmony Week, Perspectives of Diverse Faiths, David Lam auditorium, UVic, 2017

World Interfaith Harmony event keynote by Dr John Borrows, 2019

A compilation of faith teachings reflecting on the meaning of suffering, presented at the April 11, 2010 general meeting honouring Yom HaShoah.

Victoria Interfaith blog:

Times-Colonist Spiritually Speaking

The Times Colonist began a blog on interfaith matters (click on link above) in May, 2010. Each of the major faith groups is given one week of a roughly 8 week cycle to post on various matters related to spirituality.

Web Resources

Video by author Karen Armstrong, “The Charter of Compassion”:

Speaker’s Bureau

Speakers are available from various Faith groups to speak to groups in the Greater Victoria area. If you’re seeking a speaker please contact or one of the board members on the Contact page of this website.

 Multifaith Calendar

The Multifaith Calendar is published by the Multifaith Action Society of British Columbia. To view and order copies of the calendar, contact: 

Multifaith Action Society of BC
305 41st Ave West
Vancouver, BC V5Y 2S5

North American Interfaith Network NAINews:

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