New VMS Board Members

Moussa Magassa, a member of the Sunni Muslim faith community of Victoria, and Yavhel Valazquez of Unity Victoria, are the Victoria Multifaith Society’s newest board members, following our AGM, 28 October, 2018, which was attended by roughly 30 people.

Yavhel is the first to occupy the Non-Affiliated board seat, a seat provided for in the VMS by-laws for a faith not affiliated with any other religion represented on the board.

Ali Hemani, who served as VMS Muslim board member and Chair, stepped down following completion of the 4-year term permitted by VMS by-laws. Christine Johnston, VMS Unitarian member and Treasurer, also stepped down at the AGM; the Unitarian seat remains open at this time. Both Ali and Christine were warmly thanked for their dedication and invaluable hard work as members and board officers over the past several years.

AGM 2018 Photos here, with thanks to Steve Baileys, Jim Flood and Anna Harvey.

Members of the VMS Board currently are:

  1. Henri Locke (Christian seat)
  2. Janine Theobald (Buddhist seat)
  3. Moussa Magassa (Muslim seat)
  4. Parminder Virk (Sikh seat)
  5. Sheila Flood (Bahá’í seat)
  6. Shoshana Litman (Jewish seat)
  7. Sridevi Ganti (Hindu seat)
  8. Yavhel Valazquez (Non-Affiliated seat)