Learning Anti-Racism Toolkit

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Images from Toolkit Workshops

Interested in learning about Anti-Racism or perhaps starting a study group among friends, students or at work?

This Toolkit was created in collaboration with the Centre for Civic Religious Literacy, 2 advisory groups and 22 local reviewers across British Columbia. We’ve chosen to encourage insight, empathy, and listening, emphasizing respect and the need to be kind and compassionate as we learn with and from each other.

It’s yours to use!

We welcome everyone interested in this important issue to explore the Toolkit and consider sharing some or preferably all of the 8 sessions with a group.

The Anti-Racism Toolkit shares outlines for 8 sessions of 1.5 to 2 hours, each of which can be used alone (links below) or as part of the series. Time can be added to sessions for more discussion, and/or Q&A if there’s an invited guest.

THE TOOLKIT (downloadable):

Learning Anti-Racism, Participant’s Copy with ALL Workshops (30 pages, pdf file)

In Pacific Northwest Indigenous culture, the lesson of the hummingbird legend is that each person has gifts to give. Other meanings are health, joy, and harmonious relationship.

Includes step-by-step instructions, glossary, and 8 individual workshops/sessions:

1. One Race: The Human Family

2. Islamophobia: Racist Myths & Skewed Narratives

3. Anti-Asian Racism: Appreciating the Asian-Canadian Heritage

4. Antisemitism: A Cyclical Scourge

5. Anti-Indigenous Racism: Re-evaluating Canadian History

6. Anti-Indigenous Racism: Indigenous Health, A Call to Action

7. Anti-Black Racism: Rediscovering Black History in Canada

8. Anti-Black Racism: Black History in North America

Learning Anti-Racism FACILITATOR’S Guide (pdf file)

Video OVERVIEW of the Toolkit (6 min.)

An informational slide deck on the Toolkit’s contents, purpose and use (10 slides)

A recording of the Toolkit Launch with overview and modeling of the first workshop (The Human Family) is at this link.

This project was funded by the Vancouver Foundation and the BC Multiculturalism Branch. We thank them for their encouragement and support.