Starfield’s Special Event 2019

JD Edwards, Bear Sam, Cara Luft, Jo Beattie, JoJo Beattie

This year’s Starfields Concert, held 9 October as a fundraiser for the Victoria Multifaith Society, was a success on many levels, not least of which was the level of enthusiasm in the audience. This was a return performance for The Small Glories, aka Cara Luft and J.D. Edwards from Winnipeg, Manitoba, who are second to none in their musical abilities. They had performed at the inaugural Starfields Festival in Victoria in 2018, and again performed their magic this past month to a rapt multi-generational crowd.

Tickets went on sale at $20 on 7 September. Tickets for The Small Glories usually run much higher; ticket costs were kept deliberately low to attract more people to the fundraiser. Artistic Director Jo Beattie generously volunteered her time and costs. Holy Cross Parish donated the venue and provided tea, coffee and juice. One hundred and thirty-three tickets were sold, costs were met, a donation was made to VMS, and a small amount was also put aside towards a future Starfields event.

Greatest thanks goes to Jo Beattie, who has been putting on successful music festivals for many years and who created the Starfields Festival after she and her husband moved to Vancouver Island in 2017. Starfields is committed to building community through music, bringing people of all faiths and no faith together in a shared sense of unity and common purpose. That purpose, working together for a better world, is what has made Starfields such a joyful collaborative effort.

VMS is also especially grateful to the artists, volunteers and all others who lent their time and expertise to this event. May it only grow bigger and stronger in the future!