One Spirit – 2019

The annual multifaith arts devotional, 21 September 2019, hosted by the Hindu Parishad and Cultural Centre and co-sponsored by VMS, was again a fantastic success: full to the brim and then some! The colour, warmth and hospitality of the Hindu community shone through the space. Spirits were high as presenters from a multitude of traditions all sang praises in many forms, languages and voices to the one God, as MC Sri Ganti noted.

Nicole Mandryk

Led by Sudhakar Ganti, the sacred sound of Om filled the room to open the evening. First Nations presenter Nicole Mandryk told a magnificent story of northern resident killer whales, with song, drum and dancers. Fiona Stuart of the Jewish community involved the whole audience with the song Hallelu.Tahirih Nasseri, a young Bahá’í, presented the song “Find Me”, based on the writings of Bahá’u’lláh. Rev. Karen Verveda, Diego Barrientos and Kathryn Lacerte of the United Church led the audience in two selections, one in the Taize tradition. People continued to pour in, sitting on the floor, or on seats that instantly showed up when needed.

Fiona Stuart

Tâm (Phil Rossner), presented The Boddisattva of Compassion, with audience assistance. VMS board member Yavhel Valasquez sang a moving song compilation called The River. Vinod Bhardwaj and Anil Kapoor, accompanied by Suresh Basrur, sang and drummed Sikh, Hindu and Muslim songs. Several participants spontaneously offered songs and prayers, one a small Jain girl who recited the names of the 24 tirthankaras without hesitation.

The delicious southeast Asian meal was prepared by several families, also a multifaith effort from preparation to clean up, with many men and women in the kitchen. Over 100 people were served, all through the generosity of volunteers who worked hard, with enthusiasm and joy, to provide this great community-building event.

A huge thank you to all who contributed to the evening in every capacity, particularly the presenters. This link to the photos tells the story in full colour!