Annual General Meeting

Our AGM was held 2 – 4 p.m., Sunday, November 6, 2016, in a relaxed and joyful atmosphere, at the beautiful Ismaili Jamatkhana situated at 1250 Esquimalt Rd.

Fifteen people attended, including 12 VMS members and 3 from the general public. Board chair Ali Hemani officiated. Board members for the upcoming year are: Ali Hemani (Muslim); Sheila Flood (Bahá’í); Christine Johnson (Unitarian); Sridevi Ganti (Hindu); Janine Theobald (Buddhist); Malcolm Read (Christian); Shoshana Litman (Jewish). The VMS board is currently seeking to fill the seats for the Sikh religion and First Nations Spirituality.

The annual report was given in the form of a colourful Powerpoint Presentation facilitated by Ali Hemani. Another highlight of the meeting was a stakeholder engagement exercise facilitated by Janine Theobald, including ice-breaker, introductions, discussion on what the term “multifaith” means to us, and what we’d like to see happening in the coming year.

The afternoon ended with time to socialize, with refreshments generously provided by the Ismaili Muslim community.