Launching the Anti-Racism Challenge!

Images from Workshop Sessions

Fifty-five people attended the launch of our Anti-Racism Toolkit on Tuesday, 29 March. The recording of the event is at this link, with an overview of the Toolkit followed by modeling of the first workshop with the launch participants.

Workshops cover Islamophobia, antisemitism, anti-Asian racism, anti-Indigenous racism and anti-Black racism. They can be done singly or as a series.

VMS is challenging all who have an interest in any or all of these workshops to start their own groups! Groups can be any size or composition, online or in person — from a book club, faith group or classroom to a large company or government office. The workshops can also be adapted to any age group, from teens to seniors.

PDF copies of the Toolkit as well as an explanatory brochure are available for download from this website (under Resources) and the Centre for Civic Religious Literacy website. A Facilitator’s Guide is provided.

Please consider this challenge to start a group! It’s a great way to build community.