AGM Report 2023

VMS held its Annual General Meeting on Sunday Oct. 29, 2023 at the Multifaith Centre at the University of Victoria. Thanks go out to our Chair John Borrows as MC, Rev. Lesia Kohut for her inspiring keynote presentation on Cultivating Harmony in a Polarized World, and to all those who reported and participated.

Warm appreciation was expressed to outgoing board members Janine Theobald (Buddhist Seat), Jagir Virk (Sikh Seat), Ora Stefanic (Jewish Seat) and David Batterham (Bahá’í Seat) for their dedicated service on the VMS Board.

Welcome and unanimous affirmation were given to Fletcher Bennett (Bahá’í Seat), Rabbi Harry Brechner (Jewish Seat), and Bhavin-Singh Nihang (Sikh Seat). It was noted that the Buddhist seat remains vacant and the board is seeking candidates.

VMS Board 2023 – 2024:
Sheila Flood, Executive Director
John Borrows – Chair, Indigenous Spirituality
Henri Lock – Secretary, Christian seat
Fletcher Bennett – Treasurer, Bahá’í seat
Rabbi Harry Brechner – Jewish seat
Shrikant Shenwai – Hindu seat
Rev. Lesia Kohut – New Thought
May Shihadeh – Muslim seat
Bhavin-Singh Nihang – Sikh seat
Vacant – Buddhist seat