Thanks to Hindu community!

One Spirit: Celebrating our Faiths Together

The jointly organized event at the Hindu temple on Saturday, 17 Sept. 2022, One Spirit: Celebrating our Faiths Together, was a wonderful experience – interesting, uplifting and full of happy faces! Around 55 attended (some missing from this photo). See photos here.

As VMS Hindu board member Shrikant Shenwai said in his introduction, it was like the gathering of a beautiful bouquet, there was such beauty and diversity. Elder May Sam offered a blessing, saying it was especially good to see the children, since in Indigenous culture the children are like flowers, and this was a precious addition to the bouquet.

There were artistic, devotional offerings of prayer, song, music, chant, and dance, presented by people from 6 different traditions in turn. A wonderful communal meal followed in the main hall, provided by the Hindu community assisted by multifaith volunteers.

Warm thanks to the Hindu community, MC Lesia Kohut, Shrikant Shenwai, the generous volunteers and all the enthusiastic participants!